What is the Matrix? What is real? What can you believe, and what can you not? This is What Really Is The Matrix. This is the programming of the Matrix. And the Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. From September 11 (9-11) and throughout history. We see it every day. But how can we break out of the control over our lives? This site sets out to explore the intriguing nature of reality and to help start to put the pieces of the problems of the world around us (the New World Order conspiracy) together, and then offers valid solutions to take power and control back for ourselves - kinesiology degree.
Eric's Info

Author - Journalist - Documentary Film-Maker - Speaker - Photographer - Activist

I have been interviewed or appeared on the following

The Meria Heller Show - March 22, 2007 (subscription required)

The Meria Heller Show - February 13, 2007 (subscription required)

The Rob Simone Show -

The Arizona Republic - January 11, 2007

Gary Franchi's Lone Lantern Radio Program - January 10, 2007 link coming soon

Jim Hogue's Radio Program - January 5, 2007  

Kevin Barrett's Dynamic Duo Radio Program - December 29, 2006  

L.A. Times - September 10, 2006

Wake Up - August 2004 Episode 4

Connecticut Access TV - June 2004

I am a freelance author, journalist, and speaker who covers a wide variety of topics from conspiracy
‘theories’ to spiritual self improvement life coach training.

My main focus is on the government and media cover up of the September 11, 2001 tragedy an the
growing New World Order - forensic science degree.

I am the author of now six books and currently working on seven and eight!

My first book is
The Puzzle of 9-11: An investigation into the events of September 11, 2001 and why the
pieces don’t fit together
and was published in October 2004, and is still widely available.
The Puzzle of 9-11 is now being translated into German, French and Japanese.

9/11 101: 101 key points that everyone should know and consider that prove 9/11 was an inside job is also
being translated into French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Slovak - boarding schools for girls.

My latest books,
The Puzzle of Fascism: Could fascism arise in America or could it already be a Fascist
and The Puzzle of 7/7 are now available and is pushing the envelope a little further.

I am currently working on my first novel titled,
The Messiah Cometh.

Documentary Film-Maker
My first ground-breaking documentary film is based on my books.
The title of this documentary is,
The Puzzle of the Matrix: WORLD EVENTS

I am available as a speaker for groups, associations, companies, and organizations at their meetings and
conventions. Please
e-mail me as I am not available on short notice.

I will be speaking across North America in late 2006.

Please check locations and availability

I am not a professional photographer, but I love taking stills as well as video images. I have been told I
have a good eye for photography.

I am a civil liberty and vegan/animal rights activist.

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